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Do ­you ­need ­help ­with ­any ­of ­these ­computer ­or ­networking ­issues?

  • Sluggish Computer
  • Network or ­ Connection ­ problems
  • Install­ or ­ upgrade ­programs
  • Wireless­ or ­ wired ­ network ­ installation
  • Parental ­Controls
  • Virus, ­spyware ­or­malware ­infections
  • Set-up/­transfer a­new­computer
  • Internet ­or­e-mail ­problems
  • Unknown/­unresolved ­computer ­errors
  • Install or­upgrade ­hardware
  • PC / ­Mac /­Android /­Ipad
  • Smart ­phone ­help


My ­name ­is ­Nick ­Arfaras, ­owner ­of ­SEC4PC, ­where ­”Solving ­Every ­Computer ­Issue” ­is ­the ­motto ­and ­where ­providing “­Security ­4 ­Your ­PC” ­is the ­result.

In ­1992 ­I ­built ­my ­first ­PC, ­a ­486sx ­Computer ­with ­8MB ­of ­Ram ­and ­a ­66 Mghz ­Processor. ­Over ­the ­past ­20 ­years ­I ­have ­physically ­built ­over ­1,000 PC’s ­and ­can ­trouble ­shoot ­and ­resolve ­almost ­any ­PC ­issue. ­This ­same ­service ­from ­SEC4PC ­can ­be ­applied ­to ­your ­home ­or ­business, ­wired or ­wireless ­network. ­A ­streamed ­lined, ­worry ­free, ­customized ­solution ­is ­what ­I ­do­. ­If ­you ­are ­a ­­small ­business ­of ­10 ­or ­less ­computer ­users, ­I ­can ­lock ­down ­your ­network ­and ­your ­PC’s ­to ­any ­Scale ­you ­find ­necessary. ­Many ­of ­my ­clients ­over ­the ­years ­had ­slowness ­issues ­with ­their ­new ­PC’s, ­as ­well ­as ­continued ­virus ­issues­, ­prior ­to ­contacting ­me. ­Immediately ­I ­locked ­down ­their ­systems, ­showed ­them ­how ­and ­why ­they got ­infected ­in ­the ­first ­place, ­and ­got ­their ­systems ­back ­working ­at ­peak ­performance; ­saving ­many ­users ­from ­having ­to ­purchase ­a ­new ­PC ­or, ­worse, ­losing ­their ­precious ­data. ­Recovering ­hard ­drive ­data, ­such ­as ­years ­of ­family ­photos, ­from ­damaged ­drives ­and ­operating ­systems ­that ­were ­completely ­crippled ­has ­been ­a ­forte ­of ­mine. ­These ­are ­just ­some ­of the ­reasons ­why “­Security ­4 ­your ­PC” ­can ­help ­you.

SEC4PC ­was ­developed ­from ­20 ­years ­of ­experience ­in ­the ­computer ­field. ­Having ­worked ­in ­the ­corporate ­world ­and ­also ­servicing ­many ­executive’s ­homes ­in ­lower ­Fairfield ­County, ­I ­have ­come ­to ­realize ­that ­the ­majority ­of ­issues ­stemmed ­from ­a ­poor ­initial ­setup. The ­obstacles many of my ­home ­clients ­faced ­could ­have, ­and ­should ­have, ­been ­averted ­had ­the ­original ­setup ­technician considered some ­basic ­protocols. These same ­protocols I have learned and ­implemented after ­years in various ­IT ­environments.

In ­1992, ­I ­started ­my ­career ­working ­for ­an ­Environmental ­Remediation ­Firm ­as ­a ­soils ­chemist­. ­This ­job ­required ­me ­to ­run ­a ­Gas ­Chromatograph and ­network ­it ­with ­a ­windows ­3­. ­1x ­PC­. ­This ­process ­helped ­me ­to ­develop ­troubleshooting ­skills ­that ­would ­become ­invaluable ­a ­couple ­years ­later ­when ­I ­switched ­careers ­and ­started ­working ­on ­computers ­and ­business ­networks ­full ­time­.

In ­1998, ­after ­an ­intensive ­course ­on ­General ­HW ­and ­Networking ­troubleshooting ­Skills ­with ­Valcom ­Computers­, ­I ­began ­to ­grow ­an ­extensive ­background ­in ­the ­corporate ­world­. ­Through ­Valcom ­I ­was ­able ­to ­work ­on ­major ­platform ­and ­architectural ­migrations ­such ­as ­Token ­Ring ­networks ­to ­10baseT ­networks ­and ­Novell ­to ­Microsoft ­NT 4­. ­0 ­server ­solutions ­at ­well­- ­known ­corporations ­including ­Rayovac, ­CUNA ­Mutual ­and ­Alliant ­Energy. ­I ­built ­PC’s ­and ­servers ­for ­industry ­leaders ­such ­as ­Digital ­Equipment­, ­HP, ­Compaq ­and ­IBM. ­While ­working ­for ­GE ­in the ­financial ­services ­division, ­I ­provided ­client ­support ­and ­was ­instrumental ­in ­preparing ­the ­business ­for ­Y2K. ­A ­mainstay ­on ­the ­UBS ­trading ­floor ­for ­more ­than ­seven ­years­, ­I ­was ­hired ­specifically ­to ­help ­migrate ­the ­Paine ­Weber ­infrastructure ­with ­the ­UBS ­infrastructure. ­At ­the completion ­of ­that ­project ­I ­became ­a ­leading ­tech ­on ­the ­trading ­floor ­at ­UBS, ­at ­the ­time ­the ­largest ­trading ­floor ­in ­the ­world­. ­Performing ­hardware, ­software ­and ­networking ­troubleshooting ­in ­order ­to ­repair ­issues ­on ­the ­fly ­in ­a ­very ­high ­demand ­atmosphere­. ­If ­a ­PC ­did ­not ­work ­it needed ­to ­be ­fixed ­asap­, ­otherwise ­that ­trader ­could ­lose ­money­. ­I ­and ­the team ­I ­worked ­with ­were ­expected ­to ­resolve ­issues ­within ­15 ­minutes­. ­With ­more ­than ­1500 ­PC’s ­on ­that ­floor­, ­on ­any ­given ­day­, ­any ­of ­a ­host ­of issues ­would ­arise­. ­From ­damaged ­hard ­drives­, ­to ­overheated ­video ­cards­, ­failed ­Ram­, ­flaky ­network ­connections­, ­software ­glitches ­etc­. ­etc­. ­But ­as ­stressful ­as ­this ­job ­could ­be­, ­my ­colleagues ­and ­I ­found ­this ­to ­be ­fun ­and ­exhilarating­. ­In ­addition ­to ­my ­day ­to ­day ­duties ­at ­UBS ­I ­also ­setup ­small ­remote ­offices ­for ­conferences ­and ­board ­meetings ­in ­places ­like ­Cape ­Cod­, ­Georgia­, ­Santa ­Barbara­, ­Manhattan ­and ­Switzerland.

In ­my ­off ­hours ­I ­had ­the ­opportunity ­to ­setup ­and ­configure ­many ­wired ­and ­WIFI ­networks ­in ­large­, ­medium ­and ­small ­homes ­throughout ­lower ­Fairfield ­County­. ­Many ­of ­the ­traders ­that ­saw ­me ­resolve ­their ­business ­computer ­issues ­wanted ­me ­to ­fix ­their ­home ­PC’s ­and ­flaky ­wireless ­issues ­throughout ­the ­home­. ­This ­is ­how ­I ­started ­working ­extensively ­on ­small ­and ­large ­scale ­home ­networking ­and ­computer ­projects­. ­In ­the ­past 4 ­years ­I ­worked ­exclusively ­with ­small ­business ­of ­5­- ­25 ­people ­in ­a ­venture ­that ­was ­started ­at ­the ­beginning ­of ­the ­financial ­meltdown ­in ­2008­. ­I ­was ­instrumental ­in ­making ­that ­business ­successful ­in ­lower ­Fairfield ­County ­and ­decided ­to ­start ­a ­new ­venture ­bringing ­that ­expertise to ­SEC4PC.

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