How to Buy Fut Coins the Smart Way

by Jason Hill

Have you been looking for a way to get and use fut coins but you just have seemed to find one? Well, you’re in luck. You can find out how to get fut coins to play all the games you could possibly want on your PlayStation.

It is commonly known that there are various methods used in trading fut coins in your game account once you buy them from the suppliers. These suppliers could either be Comfort Trade, Player Auction, and so on. You can buy fut coins in so many ways.

Buying Gold Packs For Fut Coins

You can build your own endgame squad with the use of a FIFA coins guide. The most important rule to getting your coins is to not buy gold packs just because you can. This is because all over the world, gold packs are open every time of everyday and this means there is constant market saturation of these cards. When this happens, it means they are pretty much worthless or at least almost at the secondary market.

Let’s say you spent 7,000 coins in getting a premium Gold pack and let’s say you get lucky and you get half of the amount back. You can just as well get the silver or the bronze packs which guarantee you more profit over a long period of time due to squad building challenges. The best part is, you can get a lot of gold packs just by completing these challenges, squad battles, season’s tasks, division rivals rewards etc.

A proper method over time will let you pick any player you want and getting your fut coins and making use of them would be very easy for you. You want a longer game and not seeking instant rewards that don’t make sense in the long haul.

Buying Silver and Bronze Fut Coins

As mentioned above, buying gold coins is never the best option. However you can make better choices when you buy silver or bronze packs instead. This is because it is the safest option for any standard version. Let’s say you get 400 coins for bronze and 2,500 for silver. Doing this is a much better option and here’s how.

You can choose to get more on the premium version of each of these packs. It all depends on what you’re going for. Although there are much higher risks in getting them, they also offer a pretty much higher reward. You can also pay for rare cards to be an addition. And In a case where they are players, you’re in luck because you stand a chance to making bigger profits. However if they aren’t and are badges or kits instead, you take a much smaller chances of a hit. You can buy your premium packs of higher amounts in the bank and buy standard packs in a situation your goes below the values you set aside.

Here’s a quick tip on buying and making use of fut coins. If your game funds tend to be less than 20,000 coins, then going for bronze packs is a lot better than going for any other.

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