Huawei App Monetization Kit- Worth it or Not?

by Jason Hill

As an app developer, it is undoubtedly one of your goals to start making money via your app in time. In essence, monetization of your app. While app monetization might seem relatively straightforward, it could equally be quite challenging. Without the proper tools in place, app monetization could be nothing short of downright frustrating. But you do not have to go through the stress of navigating the app-monetization scene on your own. Enter the app monetization kit.

The Huawei HMS platform is one that has made the app monetization phase of app development easier than ever before. It would be sad not to take advantage of this opportunity as an app developer. The app monetization kit was built for app developers around the globe. The monetization kit falls into a similar category with the Huawei Wallet SDK feature.

The number of android users around the world is constantly increasing. What if you had direct access to this rapidly increasing crowd as an app developer? Wouldn`t the app monetization phase run quite smoothly? It definitely would. Let us now delve into the details of the Huawei app monetization kit.

The Essence of the App Monetization Kit

The app monetization kit is a carefully planned and drafted tool. It comprises of other sub-tools and services. these tools and services all come together in the making of this essential platform. The app monetization kit makes it possible for developers to quickly, effectively, and sustainably convert various forms of opportunities to income.

This digital conversion is done using the app as a medium. This means that a successful app is needed for a successful monetization process.

What is the working theory behind the Huawei Monetization kit? It is pretty simple and straight to the point. The kit functions by forming a solid bond between the end-users and the registered developer.

Yes, to make use of the Huawei app monetization kit, you need to be a developer registered under Huawei. This is not that big a deal when you consider the advantages and opportunities that open up to you as a result of this registration.

Advantages of App Monetization Kit

Huawei Ads are Sustainable:

Since ads are a form or method of income, their sustainability translates to the sustainability of your app` income-making effect. What are the benefits of using the ad services under the Huawei app monetization kit?

First and foremost, readily available client base. The millions of Huawei and android users around the world are your always-present audience.

Second, the ads would be made available to you. You would otherwise start by searching for quality apps on your own and growing the relationship with the ad company. But with the monetization kit, Huawei will help you out with quality ads.

Lastly, the effective cost per mille (eCPM) highly competitive.

Professional Customer Service:

You might not be comfortable airing all sorts of ads on your app, Huawei has considered this as well. The professional customer service system ensures that at all times, your app stays free of “undesired” apps.


We did not even mention that with the App monetization kit and ad services, your app UI would remain consistent among all Huawei devices. The benefits outweigh any potential disadvantages. So get your app monetization kit today.

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