Two Popular Ways of FUT Coin Trading

by Jason Hill

FUT coins example, the FIFA 22 coins, are a special FIFA game currency that a player needs to participate in the game. You can get them by earning through various methods like participating in challenges or joining squad battles. In addition, you can also buy FIFA 22 coins from trading platforms. The transfer market has several trading platforms where coins are transferred to buyers by the seller. It is an easy process preferred by most players to accumulate coins for the game. In this extract, we focus on FUT coin trading methods.

Popular Ways of FUT Coin Trading

Virtual platforms for trading FUT coins are popular among players. They involve two methods of trading which make the process straightforward and the experience great. They include;

a. Player Auction

It is the most common way of FUT coin trading. You get to sell players that add less value to your team or whose playing levels are low. Like in actual matches, weak players exist who unfortunately lower the entire team’s performance. You sell such players at a high price during a player auction and use the money to secure better team players.

After the selling process is complete, the money is transferred to you, causing an increase in your FUT coins. Anyone can be part of the process as no formal information is required. It is automated, easy, convenient, and safe to use; however, you must sell so many players from your team to get the correct number of coins to buy a good player.

b. Comfort Trade

It is not as common as the player auction technique, but it’s the easiest trading method. Unlike the previous way, formal information is needed by the seller, such as email address, password, backup codes, and security detail. The trading is also automated, and the seller uses your details to log in to your account once only to transfer money into it.

After the transfer, the seller is authorized to log out of the system for safety reasons. Despite not having a 5 percent penalty fee, the EA sport can ban you from using the method if;

  • You fail to deactivate your account after money transfer
  • You use a new acc having played less than 50 games
  • You log in to your account before notification of your FUT coin status is sent to you
  • You delay in collecting the coins in the account

Players who use the comfort trade method prefer it to the player action method since no deductions are made on the money by the time it gets to your account.

Final Word

Trading FUT coins is an excellent way of increasing your coins. The methods above are similar in a number of ways but still have significant differences. They are easy to work with, but you must follow strict guidelines to avoid being banned by involved bodies like EA sports and FIFA. When choosing the best method to use, consider the number of coins you want, the benefits of each technique, and the rules involved.

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