When Should You Buy Twitter Likes?

by Jason Hill

To some Twitter users, having up to 1,000 likes on a single post is a distant dream. However, there are Twitter accounts that get an average of 100,000 likes per post. What are the reasons for the marked difference between these two categories of Twitter accounts? The first apparent reason is users’ engagement, measured in the number of likes, retweets, and so on. Another reason can be the differences in audience size (followers) of both Twitter handles.

Many people whose posts have lots of likes sometimes buy them for various reasons. You can also get Twitter likes from some reputable vendors online. Below are situations that may suggest you need to buy some Twitter likes.

  1. When you want to increase engagement on your tweets

It can be very boring to see your tweets getting no more than just 50 likes. One way to improve engagement on your tweets is to buy Twitter likes. It has been proven that if you post great content on your Twitter handle, and the likes are high, more users will like your post. Hence, you buy likes to induce other Twitter users to like your posts. In the long run, getting more likes will increase engagement on your posts.

  1. When you want to attract advertising companies

Before some companies allow Twitter users to promote their brands, they run checks on your tweets to determine if they are engaging. One of the parameters considered is the average number of likes, retweets, and followers on the Twitter handle. If you want to monetize your Twitter account quickly, one of the fastest means is to get Twitter likes as much as you can. With many more likes, you can get high-paying offers to promote company products and services using your Twitter account.

  1. When you decide to increase your followers

In the social media world, most people want to follow whatever is trendy. As you garner more likes for your tweets, other users become more aware of your posts. If they find your posts very attractive, they may go beyond just liking your posts to becoming your followers. Having many likes on your posts draws more attention to your handle and gets you more followers.

It would be useful if you were strategic when buying Twitter likes to increase your number of followers. Be sure to use Twitter Analytics to determine how purchasing new likes translate into more followers on your Twitter account. This will help you determine how much likes you need to buy to get the followership level you desire.

  1. When you are promoting a product

If you want to promote your products on Twitter, it may take lots of effort and time to encourage likes. When you get Twitter likes, you increase your chances of becoming more visible to your audience. When you have their attention, you can sell your products and get more prospects for your business. As such, buying likes on Twitter brings your products to a higher platform for visibility, where more people can see what you are promoting.


Building your online presence on Twitter takes time, strategy, and effort. You can fast track the process by getting more likes for your posts. As your engagement increases, so does your potential to trend on Twitter. Once you get the attention you want on Twitter, you can easily monetize your account and start earning on your social media platform.

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